Live Traditional Caricature Act

What do we learn from this? That Caricatures are a load!

A load of what? A load of FUN!

Caricatures bring laughter and delight to all occasions…except perhaps to funerals, but who knows. Watching a talented artist, or Angel for that matter, create a drawing is fascinating from any perspective.

Each drawing is created by Angel with the thought that every person is unique!(and that it could also be the last caricature he ever draws!)

Angel prides himself as a family entertainer and artist. Children and adults alike enjoy the cartoons and interaction (though parents usually run for safety behind their kids when he does his Barney impression!)

Angel has entertained in hundreds of venues and drawn literally thousands of people…you’d think he’d be better at this stuff! Birthday parties, corporate events, trade-shows picnics, colleges, are just some of the venues Angel has had the pleasure of sharing his zaniness.

Beware his MARKER, he has one and is not afraid to use it!

  • Hand drawn on 11×17 vellum Bristol with markers and Art Stix, in either color or black and white
  • 10-15 per hour in Black and white
  • 8-10/hour in Color
  • Custom themes available
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