Caricatures by Angel dating as far back as 1991 AD.

Award-winning caricature artist, Angel Contreras has been entertaining folks for what seems like decades! What awards? Winning Best Likeness Award in the 18th and 24th annual International Society of Caricature Artist (ISCA) conventions, not to mention the 1979 “Fastest Whistling While Having a Mouthful of Crackers” Award! Indeed, all this talent is packaged in a tiny frame!

Angel attended the Art Institute of Chicago (though they would fervently deny it) Graduated from Ray Vogue College of Design (Now defunct because of it) and trained in caricatures by the School of hard knocks. After more than 30 years of experience and topping 150,000 caricatures…you would think he would be better at this!

In any case, Angel’s brand of frenetic humor and artistic eccentricity is a highlight of many various and sundry events. College events, Retirement, Anniversaries, Mitzvahs, trade shows, and more!

Angel’s act includes both classic traditional caricatures (paper and marker), and high-tech Digital caricatures (Digital pad stylus); cutting silhouettes, drawing on coasters and even tee-shirts.

The best part of Angel’s talents is the devotion to clean humor and family-friendly entertainment. Though his humor can be tagged as good humored sarcasm and “dad-ism”, he delights in being G rated so you don’t have to worry about little ears-though he may mess with their little minds!