How many faces per hour?

On average, we can draw about 10-15 faces per hour. If you need more than one artist to cover more guests, we can provide additional talent to meet the demand. We can also stay after the contracted hours to make sure everyone leaves the party with a caricature in their hands. Additional hours are billed accordingly.

Do You Charge The Guests?

All drawings come free of charge packaged in a plastic sleeve. You pay for the booked time. Should you would like to charge guests a small fee to support your fundraiser or event, you are free to do so.

What Kind Of Set-Up Do I Need To Provide?

This will depend on the Act desires. Traditional caricatures will need a small (4×4) table and three chairs. Digital will need a highboy table (3-foot diameter round) or 6-foot long table and two to 3 chairs. Other than that, all other equipment is provided.

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