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Debonair…just ask him!

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MSU and Me all over again!Virtual Funtime at Minnesota State! With ME!!!

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Angel, Ellen and Adam draw BITS by bit!

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A grand time with the folks at Business IT Source, Inc. The folks at this burgeoning corporation were amazing. Take note of the variety of styles of the artists! Ellen has a seasoned and distinctive cartoon style-she has been a Chicago staple in the Caricature market for decades. Adam’s style is full of personality and […]

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Indiana University invites Angel for Caricatures and promptly wonder why!

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Ah, what a time of wonder and fun, being in college that is! And what a wonder knowing that your precious time has been invested in getting your face distorted by some stranger! Good times…good times!

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Fun time at the Break Through Tech! University of Chicago Event!

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Had a wonderful time challenging the self-esteem of Techy Students. Was sweetly surprised at their desire to have fun and not chuck a chair at me! Yes, they survived…but only barely!

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