Capital One Cafe has a Grand opening, and guess who joined the fun…yep @nge!

Digi toonz at Capital One Cafe

June 29, 2019 was a great day for Capital One Customers in downtown Chicago. The Grand opening featured yours truly, Caricatures by Angel and digital toons along with hot dogs, pizza and friendly faces!

Capital One Cafe had a grand opening introducing an innovative way to bank and be socially connected all in one fell swoop. Add a Cafe atmosphere, lattes, and treats to the banking necessities of deposits and checking etc., and voila, you have a Capital One Cafe! 


PEARL MEYER and @nge! have some Digital Laughs at the JW Marriott in Chicago!

It was a balmy Chicago spring day as the gathered associates of Pearl Meyer gathered for an evening of fun networking. Angel, your beloved digital caricaturist, was pleased to join in the festivities, adding his own brand of digital wit! Now if I could just get one of those folks to negotiate a better compensation plan from my boss! Oh wait, I’m my boss…dang. Here’s the link for your IMAGES!

Fun at Joe’s Bar(mitzvah)

Angel had a wonderful  time at the Park Center in Glenview, Il drawing digital  caricatures for Joe Franklin’s Bar Mitzvah.  Bar(Bat) Mitzvah’s are a precious tradition among Jewish people. A milestone in the life of a Jewish child  usually on the first Shabbat nearest to the child’s 13th birthday . (some traditions allowed for the female to be “Mitzvah”ed at her 12th.

Religious Jewish people consider it the time when the boy becomes a man. The newly minted man is bears the responsibility before the congregation and God to obey and revere God’s Law as written in the Torah. While “reform” Jewish persons consider it more of a “coming of age” celebration.

This celebration if filled with music, testimonials, dancing and, often…lots and lots of sugar! 

It was an honor for Angel, as a Christian goyem to join in the fun and draw these great kids!

Click here to see the drawings!@


Hilton Chicago Has Angel Digital Caricatures for Mr. Chen’s Retirement!

Angel (Courtesy of ACCESS Chicago and Record-A-Hit)  had a grand time meeting and drawing the guests at the Hilton in Chicago! Fabulous faces a live Sinatra singer (whodda thought old blue eyes was still kicking’?), the Blues Brothers and great food(ooooh the food!). All to celebrate the retirement of Mr. Ed Chen, the beloved Director of Public Relations at Chicago Hilton & Towers. I was glad to be there!  Download Pics

Great Chemistry with AACC and Angel’s Digital Caricatures!

The 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the largest global scientific conference and tradeshow in the field of laboratory medicine…and they had yours truly and fellow artist, Roger Hurtado digitally drawing for laughs!
Had a wonderful time with wonderful folks, made me wish I listened better in Chem class…ah well. Made some friends and great conversations Especially with the kind Brenda, who added great Gospel insights and sweetness! All in all, came away unscathed.
Thanks to Sue Kim and all the great folks!