Great Chemistry with AACC and Angel’s Digital Caricatures!

The 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the largest global scientific conference and tradeshow in the field of laboratory medicine…and they had yours truly and fellow artist, Roger Hurtado digitally drawing for laughs!
Had a wonderful time with wonderful folks, made me wish I listened better in Chem class…ah well. Made some friends and great conversations Especially with the kind Brenda, who added great Gospel insights and sweetness! All in all, came away unscathed.
Thanks to Sue Kim and all the great folks!

Cloud5 and Digital Caricatures and Angel…oh my!

Angel Entertained at Cloud5!

The wonderful folks at Cloud5 jumped on the digital caricature bandwagon and allowed yours truly to ruin some otherwise stable personalities! Cloud5 techies and Digital caricatures are a match made on Cloud 9!

Taina Quinceañera…Digital fun with family!

Quinceañera Quaricature with Quousins

In my career, I believe I have encounter close to 80,000 persons, having the opportunity to draw and chat with them. In that time I have met great persons from all walks of life. Taina’s Quinceañera was no different. The caliber of people who attended were exciting and heart warming. I was honored to entertain her family and chat with young and old, laugh and lose a portion of my hearing. 

A Quinceañera is a the time of presenting a young lady to society. Its the Latin American equivalent to a Sweet sixteen, only with much more fanfare and a year earlier! The transition from childhood to adulthood is often a confusing time and it requires strength of character to navigate through the changes and responsibilities. Taina will handle it with spark! She is a young lady destined for greatness and impact. She is blessed to have parent who will guide her and are actually there, together, in covenant promised matrimony. Thanks to that wonderful family for having me…and thanks be to God that they are my family as well. 

Go Cuzins!!!!

Kingdom Farms hosts Kieren Moran’s 50th Birthday party with Ellen, Roger, Adam and @nge!

What a wonderful evening with a gaggle of talented artist, digitally caricaturing the poor souls at the Kingdom Farm’s celebrations. Ellen (Queen of Caricature)Lustig; Adam (“Oh no he di’n’t”) Belamares; Roger (“I dare you to raise your eyebrow higher than mine”) Hurtado and myself @nge!(the other guy) Contreras.

We had a rousing time of good music, great people and fun digital mayhem! Happy Birthday Kieren! 50 years of Meat and greet!