Virtually Live Digital Caricature Party!

HOOSIER (Virtual )DADDY? (samples)

With people across the country stuck indoors, who says the party has to stop? Virtual parties are trending more and more, and what better addition to the fun than a Caricature artist? @nge!’s Virtual Party Digital Caricature act unites art, humor and a festive flavor to any event.

Zoom-enabled experience brings the laughter and style of talented digital caricature artists to your Digital celebration! 

Watch and laugh as @nge! draws your guests in real time as he creates your guests’ visage digitally. Guests can have their drawing in REAL TIME as while other guests watch, chat and party while they wait for thier turns. Each drawing takes about 5-7 minutes. Images are printable and post-able! JPG files are stored in a party exclusive Dropbox and immediately available for download.

Let the party begin!

Contact @nge! for a booking! Times slots can be as little as 15 minutes. 

All images are guaranteed to be 100% Covid19 safe and completely gluten free!