TCC Virtual Event!

Download Page Tulsa Community College hosted this fun event for the Students  for some well deserved levity! At least I had some fun! Record-A-Hit arranged the festivities!  Go to the RAH Virtual Image download page or click the friendly, bright red button to access your images!. You ought to see the other things RAH has […]

Patti’s Surprise Birthday Bash!

Download Page Soooo its a surprise party on-line…whodathunk it! It was a Perfect Party for the Precious Patti!  l had a great time with friends celebrating a virtual, hide behind the virtual sofa and jump out to scare the pants off the victim…KInda worked! Heck, I was surprised they called me 😉 Happy B-day Patti! […]

GK AA ITT Team Building

Download Page GK AA ITT…that’s a lot of letters…But I had a great time in the UK this morning with the folks on a Virtual Team Building Caricature Session…VTBCS…(oh why not?) What a great team! Tote’s Amazeballs! Record-A-Hit arranged the festivities! You ought to see the other things RAH has available for entertainment…whoa!

Adelyn’s ZoomToob Party!

Download Page Adelyn is a wonderful girl! Her friends were fun and I had a great time messing up their faces! But of course, they were way too awesome to do much damage…dang. Happy Birthday…in “France” 😉

ISACA Zoom’s with Angel!

Download Page Oh YEAH! This week is a big week for the ISACA folks. This year they break out a fresh virtual Conference! They are the  “recognized global leader in IT governance, control, and assurance” (I have no idea what that means but I’m feeling, governed, controlled and assured!!)  We laughed was sang, we destroyed some beautiful […]

Lucky 13 with Gabby and friends!

Download Page An amazing time with these amazing young ladies! Gabby has moved to the big TEENz…(condolences to the parents). These will be great times, glad to be part of the celebration ! Big shout out to Record-a-Hit  for arranging the event!  

Cinco De Mayo spent with Elgin Community College Students!

Well, kinda…This was anotherr Virtual celebration! A great time spent with great students. We laughed, we cried, we quesadilla-ed and I got to draw Caricatures!  Mega shout out to Record-a-Hit who arranged the event! For more info, contact them here! Download page

Igloos good to me! Juneau what I’m talkin’ ’bout?

Download Page The lovely people of The University of Alaska shared some Zoomin’ fun time with yours truly!  The students were amazing and inspirational!  Big shout out to Record-a-Hit  for arranging the event!  

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