Angel and Ellen are at it again!

Ellen Lustig, Adam Belamares and Angel Contreras had a wonderful time at Harry Carrey’s Downtown Chicago Digitally drawing the Guests for Arkay, they were ice-nay olks-fay! Arkray Hires Ellen, Angel, and Adam to Draw Live Digital Caricatures

PacMoore Products at the IFT 2018 Conference, yep Angel was there!

Pacmoore Products hosted a fun time at the IFT 2018 food expo at McCormick place. For them it was about food! For Angel it was about fun! He was feeding the folks a dietary dose of digital drawing! He ate good! He drew good! Heres the link to the PACMOORE CARICATURES! For your viewing pleasure…this […]

Great Chemistry with AACC and Angel’s Digital Caricatures!

The 70th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo is the largest global scientific conference and tradeshow in the field of laboratory medicine…and they had yours truly and fellow artist, Roger Hurtado digitally drawing for laughs! Had a wonderful time with wonderful folks, made me wish I listened better in Chem class…ah well. Made […]

Cloud5 and Digital Caricatures and Angel…oh my!

Angel Entertained at Cloud5! The wonderful folks at Cloud5 jumped on the digital caricature bandwagon and allowed yours truly to ruin some otherwise stable personalities! Cloud5 techies and Digital caricatures are a match made on Cloud 9!

Taina Quinceañera…Digital fun with family!

  Quinceañera Quaricature with Quousins In my career, I believe I have encounter close to 80,000 persons, having the opportunity to draw and chat with them. In that time I have met great persons from all walks of life. Taina’s Quinceañera was no different. The caliber of people who attended were exciting and heart warming. […]

Kingdom Farms hosts Kieren Moran’s 50th Birthday party with Ellen, Roger, Adam and @nge!

What a wonderful evening with a gaggle of talented artist, digitally caricaturing the poor souls at the Kingdom Farm’s celebrations. Ellen (Queen of Caricature)Lustig; Adam (“Oh no he di’n’t”) Belamares; Roger (“I dare you to raise your eyebrow higher than mine”) Hurtado and myself @nge!(the other guy) Contreras. We had a rousing time of good […]

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