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Pics from Winsboro

I had the honor of meeting a fellow artist Tom Varnon of Huntsville, Alabama. His multiple disciplines of painting, drawing and photography is superb and  range from the realistic to the impressionistic. Enjoyed jawing about drawing and the Louisiana atmosphere. He was kind enough to capture some shots of me drawing at the Franklin Parish Catfish […]

Frankin Parish Catfish Festival, Big Honkin’ Faces!

WINSBORO LOUISIANA CATFISH FESTIVAL Yep, that’s where yours truly spent April 8, 2017! This is the 4th year I’ve been invited to draw the wonderful people of Winsboro Louisiana! This tiny town sports a great heart for fun and fried catfish! Thanks to my dear friend Nathan Roberts for having me there this year and […]

What’s 104 years among friends?

Angel was privileged to join the celebration of  Grandma Meise’s 104th Birthday party! Digitally caricaturing the guests as well as the guest of honor in Palos Hills, Il, Angel was honored to participate in this once in a lifetime moment. Here’s to more years Grandma!!! Ain’t she the cutest?

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