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HOOSIER-East Siiiiide (Virtual )DADDY?

This was almost TOO much fun! The Indiana U East hosted yet another Virtual Caricature Party with @nge!  Kids and adults, students and faculty…! Great time! Big shout out to Record-a-Hit and Bass Schuler Entertainment for arranging the events! Here is the IMAGE LINK

Virtual Digital with Da Girlz

Angel had a great time visiting with these amazing ladies! Another Zoom enabled party! Not sure who had more fun, them getting the drawings or Angel hearing their stories! Either way memories were made… Lovin’ it!!!  

HOOSIER (Virtual )DADDY? Yes, even in this 2020 Crazy Corona Quarantine season, nobody can stop a hoosier from having a good time! The University of Indiana hosted the first Virtual Caricature Party with @nge! And what fun it was…this is the beginning of a virtual era! The Students were great and got to draw some pets too! […]

Berlyn’s Holiday Bash!

There’s nothing better than joining a Holiday party  than to draw at a holiday party! Berlyn’s bash was an extravaganza of entertainment featuring Virtual reality, magician, a money cage, Santa and…Me! Angel’s Digi2nz Digital Caricature act was added to the fun festivities. Thanks to the folks for having me along for the ride! Berlyn-2019

Angel and Ellen take it to the Hilton for Trustwave!

A great evening knocking off Digital Caricatures for Trustwave’s 2019 kickoff! The lovely and talented Ellen and her love-able yet troubled sidekick Angel drew up a storm at the Hilton Chicago

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